Johanna and Asa’s Courtship and Engagement

Spring through Fall 2009 - Northeastern United States

Just Neighbors - Spring

It all began in an aging but enchanted old castle on Merriman Street where Johanna and Zoya were living in a 3rd floor apartment and Asa was innocently pursuing his Art career in a studio apartment on the first floor. As they passed by each other in the hallway, coming and going, a casual friendship developed, followed by an exchange of emails after Johanna and Zoya moved out, which led to the discovery of more and more mutual interests and enthusiasms.

Renaissance Festival - July 19th


Mutual attraction was already becoming rather evident as Asa and Johanna got all decked out in period costumes to check out the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, New York with friend Sue.


Ruth and Matt's Wedding - August 15th

By August, the relationship was becoming established. Johanna was participating in the wedding of a long-time friend from grade school days and asked Asa to be her escort. Could this be a preview of coming events?


The Ring - September 11th

Johanna gets taken on a whirlwind trip to the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut for the annual exhibition of a large tribute piece by Graydon Parrish, a young and highly skilled academic realist, entitled “The Cycle of Terror and Tragedy: September 11, 2001.” As she and Asa browsed the gallery, she discovered another reason for the trip: the presentation of a Ring!


An Engagement Party

A wonderful turnout of friends and members of both families came to celebrate Johanna and Asa's engagement at the Morehouse homestead on October 18th...  Now we're all getting psyched for the Big Day at Peek'n Peak on December 19th!


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