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Welcome to our Haakonsen family website! Nådegave loosely means "a gift of God's grace" in Norwegian, the native tongue of many of our ancestors, and we count the fond relationships we've had over the years to be a true reflection of nådegave. Feel free to browse around and contribute to its growth. God bless you!

Info Please! Extended Family Information Wanted

We're trying to compile a complete basic data base about our extended family with names, dates, and family relations. Click on "Info Please!" to fill out our online survey and send it in with whatever information you have. We'll try to post things as soon as we can after we get them. Feel free to send us stories, anecdotes, or pictures as e-mail attachments, too. Anything you've got is welcome!

Website dynamics

We're going to be making revisions as you send in information, so come back from time to time to see what's new. Have any observations or suggestions about how we could improve our site? Just include them when you fill out our "Info Please!" survey or send us an e-mail!

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