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  Summer 2002 Extended Family News
Please send us your dates of arrival, departure, and special events!
7/29-8/23/02 Scott & Carolyn
California Morehouse's arrive in NY and spend 3 weeks at cabin before coming to Reunion.
7/30-8/20/02 Joel in Kenya
Joel Morehouse in Kenya on a missions trip, back in time for Reunion.
8/10/02 Raymond Arrives
Raymond Morehouse comes out from California to join Mom & Dad for vacation and Reunion.
8/10/02 Nathan Leaves
Nathan Morehouse leaves for graduate school at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
8/20-28/02 Gail & Dick Johnson
Gail & Dick arrive for Reunion and stay in the area for the week to visit.
8/22/02 All the way from Italy
Sarah and Johanna Morehouse return from Italy in time for the Reunion.
8/23-25/02 Reunion!
Family Reunion starts at LeTourneau Conference Center Friday evening at suppertime. Lots of Abbotts, Morehouses, and who knows who else will be there!
8/26/02 Johanna Leaves
Johanna Morehouse returns to Gordon College, Wenham, MA.

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